Maven Version Manager

Manage your mavens. Easy.

Set the version of maven with your project.

$ cat mvn_version=3.0.5


Team Members

Everyone in your team is guaranteed to be working with the same version.

Build System

No need to install multiple versions of maven on all of your build agents.


Use Brew

$ brew install mvnvm

Don't use Brew

$ mkdir -p ~/bin && curl -s > ~/bin/mvn && chmod 0755 ~/bin/mvn

Add the ~/bin directory to your path.


$ echo "mvn_version=3.0.5" > $ git add

Specify the version.

$ mvn -d clean package [MVNVM] add mvn_argument: clean [MVNVM] add mvn_argument: package [MVNVM] maven version: 3.0.5 [MVNVM] downloading: [MVNVM] to: /home/mjensen/.mvnvm/ [MVNVM] extracting: /home/mjensen/.mvnvm/apache-maven-3.0.5 [INFO] Scanning for projects...

Use maven.